//Where can I Sell my vinyl records?

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You could sell your unwanted vinyl records online yourself by using one of the many online marketplaces. The problem with this is it takes time, effort and you really need to know what you are selling.

Firstly, you need to identify your records. This sounds easy, but collectors generally want to know if what you are selling is an original release, a first press, or a limited edition.

Once you have identified your records, you will need to check and grade them. Different marketplaces may use different standards for grading the condition of items listed, so this has to be a consideration.

Lastly you will need to get all the packaging required to ship your records. To get the most out of your collection you would really need to sell the records individually which would require record mailers.

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//What's the quickest way to sell your record collection?

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Sell your vinyl records easily online for the best prices. We will pay cash for your unwanted vinyl records for a fair price. By coming directly to us you will avoid any exess selling fees that you can expect to encounter with most online marketplaces.

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